Derry’s 4 marathon challenge


Jethro, a great canicrosser and somehow still in need of loving home❤️

Big news! We can’t wait for the next marathon so a few of us have signed up for the Sussex Cts marathon in March, why I’m not sure but I’m going to have to rename the challenge!
Don’t forget why I’m doing this, to raise money for Rescue Remedies and please visit their site and take a look please

So it’s back to the training with a favorite of ours a eleven mile run up for o the devils Punchbowl, we had dry weather which has been unusual lately!

First marathon done but it has to be the hardest marathon I’ve ever done! It was an early start and we had to take a shuttle bus to the start which Red seemed to enjoy😂 . The weather held out for us which was a relief as I’ve never seen so much mud, mud that you could stand up on and I ended up on my backside more than once thanks to an enthusiastic Red! The run had stunning scenery along the coastal path before looping inland before a welcome last four miles of flat along the coast. All the dogs had a great time so thanks to Red, Sidney, Stanley and of course Luna. This was such a tough technical course that it took more than twice my best marathon time but there was a great sense of achievement when we crossed the finish line. The dogs had an extra helping of food and slept the rest of the day. Bring on the next one!! Don’t forget why I’m doing this, to raise money for Rescue Remedies and please visit their site and take a look please


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Only a few days left before we head down to Devon for the first marathon, so the excitement is building while we keep a close eye on the weather!

Here’s a few pics from our last 10 mile hilly run . Don’t forget to visit rescue Remedies at    And my just giving site       I’ve raise nearly £900 so far which is amazing and a huge thank you to everyone who has donated, your money will help so much❤️



Training started way back in November and five of us are running the CTS Devon coastal marathon which is an extremely challenging race with hills aplenty!

We’ve trained in the dark, rain, snow and the mud! Oh the mud we’ve had the last month, four pairs of trainers under the radiator drying at all times.

Red and all the dogs have been amazing and with less than two weeks to ago it’s time to ease back and let our bodies recover before the main event.

Here’s a few pics of our training runs until now😄


Some of you might recognise an ex Rescue Remedies dog, Lunar (Lolly) now being loved by Cat who has joined us for all the runs and is having a ball as she loves to run! Cat,  Luna and Stanley will be running both trail marathons, go Luna!


Here are beauties that need a forever home right now! We’ve run all these beautiful dogs and really want to see them in their forever homes. So check out

Training with my own dogs and other canicrossers has made all the difference to getting through the training. This quote from Izaak Walton sums it up perfectly.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton





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